Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A little knitting going on.

Completed Quill Shawl
It took awhile but I finally completed the Quill Shawl, pattern by Jared Flood. I have to say that the finished shawl is as wonderful as I expected and I think it looks a bit like the shawl that inspired me to track down the pattern. I think I mentioned that I saw the shawl in a Hercule Poirot British TV adventure and had to stop everything to track down what the pattern might be. It's called a Hap shawl and is a traditional Shetland Island piece.

Poirot and his shawl
I plunged immediately into another shawl pattern (do I really need all these shawls?) that was showing up as popular on Ravelry and it was another pattern that well deserved the attention.

Reyna Shawl in Unplanned Peacock's Peacock Sock Yarn in Gummi Shark colorway
This was an easy lace knit and the yarn worked well with the pattern. It's a small shawl in the fingering weight sock yarn but I like little scarf-like triangles for winter wear.

Chinese Tile Scarf in Queensland Collection Uluru
My plan was to next make the beautiful Chinese Tile Scarf featured in the Summer, 2016, issue of Spin-Off. BUT --  this yarn was SO not the right one for this project. The colors change too often and the wavy texture of the yarn completely obscured the lace pattern. So back I went to my list of projects I want to do and the very pretty ZickZack scarf, with a simple ripple pattern, came up. I happen to have two balls of the Queensland Collection Uluru in two colorways, so I started the scarf and have been pleased with the results.

ZickZack Scarf
My version has subtle striping and color changes because the two colorways I am working have some similar colors. A more dramatic version with two contrasting colorways would be interesting. I still want to do the Chinese Tile scarf when the right yarn comes along.

What I'm spinning: hand dyed angora singles
What I'm knitting: ZickZack by Christy Kamm
What I'm crocheting: Still hibernating
What I'm reading: Murder and Moonshine by Carol Miller
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Broadchurch on Netflix

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