Friday, June 05, 2015

Back HOME in Meadows of Dan

Greenberry House, home at last on Squirrel Spur Road
I am so very, very happy to have the shop settled in my old house on Squirrel Spur Road. If you have been following this blog these many years, this is the house where I lived a long time and where my family lived when I was a child.

It's not good for business to bounce around from place to place, so I hope this is my last move. People seem to like the shop so far. I have a few signs to modify and lots of work to do to the yard and gardens but things are shaping up. It's amazing how much one old woman and two hungry goats can accomplish!

The goat girls and the hens
The goat girls seem to be happy here and it's fun to be able to have them around while I'm at work. Knightley is still coming along to work with me and I hope to have things set up after this weekend so Emma can join us. We've settled into a morning routine that is working pretty well. I get up and feed and walk the dogs, then I fix breakfast for Dad and Emma and I walk up Concord Road to deliver and do a few chores for him. Then I tend the goats and chickens, letting the goat girls out to graze for a little while before I transfer them from their night quarters in the chicken house to their daytime pen. If it's raining, they graze awhile and go back in with the chickens. Goats don't like wet weather!

One of our adventures along Concord Road; Emma and the snapping turtle.
Unless I'm pressed for time, I walk back with Emma home and I do a few chores there before I walk back up with Knightley to open the shop. If I don't have the time, I borrow Dad's car for the trip up and back. Usually I can do the walk. On Wednesdays and Fridays I work at Jerry and Connie's House of Collectibles so I take the car to not be so late taking Dad his supper. We're at the shop at 12206 Squirrel Spur Road from 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday through Tuesday. Thursday is my day "off" but mostly it seems like I'm running errands for Dad or doing laundry. Right after work I fix Dad some supper and gather the eggs while the goat girls have another chance to graze in the yard. In the evenings I generally walk one of the dogs back up to check on the animals after supper. This generally involves letting the goats have another graze, in addition to the time that they had right after I closed the shop. If I'm lucky friend Beth will walk with us and we do have some fun talking. It's nice to have someone along, especially since a lot of bears are around Meadows of Dan lately. When I'm alone, I talk to the dogs or sing!

Hard working Knightley
My good boy is generally pretty tired after a day at the shop. I've been keeping him in the kitchen and away from the sales floor most of the time while I get things organized. He still gets to greet people, tell me when folks arrive, let me know when the phone rings and just in general keep an eye on things. This all, along with the walking and a romp through the new-mowed fields when we get off work, makes for a tired dog in the evenings.

Nothing better than sitting with a spinning wheel, surrounded by books.
While I'm at work I'm generally cataloging books or poking through boxes to find stuff for eBay and the web sites. Sometimes I get the chance to spin for awhile, especially if someone comes in to visit or knit. The book room is shaping up to be a pleasant sitting room for our stitching group gatherings on Tuesdays and for people to drop in during the work week. The crafts and collectibles room is a riot of wonders and I'm already thinking about how I can expand the yarn and fiber space. The old kitchen is currently serving as my office but I'm thinking that the yarn and fiber may take over in there before long! There are already fleeces in the bathroom.

What I'm spinning: Some blended black wool and blue bling!
What I'm knitting: Thrummed mittens with alpaca
What I'm crocheting: Everything is resting.
What I'm reading: Someday I'll be able to read again!
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Watching Warehouse 13 again.
How the diet is going: 17 pounds down!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a beautiful, peaceful area you live in.

I love your shop and I'm sure your customers will enjoy the new, lovely space.