Sunday, March 29, 2015

Work, Work, Work, and Some More Work

100% Wool Batts from hand dyed and hand carded local wool

75% wool, 25% bamboo hand carded, hand dyed batt
And in between trying to tend to Dad and keep enough stuff on eBay to pay the bills, I've been taking care of the animals and trying to set the shop up for spring. It looks like late April for opening up right now. Looking forward to the festival in Bedford, Olde Liberty Fibre Faire, on April 18 and hope to have lots of wonderful stuff to offer.

What I'm spinning: Just finished spinning up the periwinkle wool yarn for Kathleen's sweater
What I'm knitting: Not much of anything; have a washcloth on the needles for when I have "free" time.
What I'm crocheting: Secret project for a friend.
What I'm reading: The Unfortunate Traveller by Thomas Nashe
Current sounds & sights for spinning along:  Midsomer Murders

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