Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Springing Forward

Spinning Retreat at Hawks Nest State Park, West Virginia 
 The cycle of the year is continuing with days filled with lots of work, sunshine, walking dogs and tending chickens. We took a wonderful break from winter chores to attend the Fibernet spinning retreat at Hawks Nest at the end of last month and truly enjoyed every minute.

Another snowy morning 
After we came home we were hit with another snow but it wasn't as much as the storm before. When I looked out that morning a half dozen bright red cardinals were decorating the scene. Now the snow is gone and a killdeer is seeking out a place for nesting in the field above the shop. Robins have been sorting out their territories for awhile and I'm waiting to see the first red-winged blackbirds near the creek on the farm.

Keeping busy on a cold day 
Each of the dogs gets at least one walk a day on leash and when there is time we try to fit more walks into the routine. I have a wonderful friend who goes with me sometimes and then both dogs can have individual attention while we walk and talk. During the summer last year I took both for the morning walk but I can't quite manage it if the weather is slick or snowy. Since Knightley is older and discipline is very important with him, I may continue the walks alone with each of them. Emma enjoys having me to herself during her walk, I think. She gets to sleep with me and enjoys cuddle time along with Knightley but she also likes having the walk with me to share her little adventure. The dogs spent a lot of time playing with each other and their toys while I'm working. It seems that they are content as long as I'm nearby.

Thoughts of spring with ideas for planting and decorating mean a shift from the winter chores of hauling in wood and working on the computer. I've been spinning like mad, realizing that it will soon be time to open the shop and I need to have things ready. A lot of new things will be going into the shop, including some nice spinning related jewelry and a few good tools. Getting excited about opening and seeing people again after a long hard winter despite all the work involved in getting ready. Hope to see you there!

What I'm spinning: Plying hand dyed turquoise Tunis wool singles
What I'm knitting: Ojo de Dios Shawl
What I'm crocheting: Hibernating
What I'm reading: Easy mysteries and light novels
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Old albums from my teenage years found on Spotify
How the diet is going: Working too hard to pay attention!


Virginia said...

I thought of you the other day as I was going out to take care of my chickens. I'm glad you didn't get as much snow as the last time. We have finally received some much needed rain but still not enough to end the drought. At least the hills are now green so the cows won't need as much hay.
Enjoy your walks with the dogs.

www said...

cool !

Karen Odle said...

Leslie, can you tell me where I can find more info on the Hawk's Nest spinning retreats?