Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mountain Days

February Snow

It has been a typical mountain day here in Meadows of Dan. I got up at 4 to take the dogs out and tend the fire. Lily can't always make it through the night at her age of almost 16 and the wood stove rarely burns through from bedtime until morning. So I get up and Emma keeps Lily company outside while I stoke up the fire and fix breakfast for the dogs and the cat. Then they pile back inside, with Lily curling up before the fire and Emma heading up the stairs to go back to bed, looking back to see why I am so slow.

The second time I got up this morning, at 7:30 because I overslept, snow was falling hard and quickly covering the ground. Emma danced out into the blizzard and Lily followed cautiously. When they came back in with me after I went out after more wood, they settled in to watch me with my tea and toast for breakfast. Nothing like a cuppa on a cold morning.

Carded hand dyed tunis wool
The rest of the day was spent as usual: a long walk with Emma over to the old house to gather some items to sell at my booth at the local antique shop, describing and scanning books to put on my Biblio.com site (link over on the right), and carding some beautiful wool, one of the best parts of the day. This is some Tunis that I bought in Raleigh last spring and dyed a deep turquoise last fall. My camera wouldn't capture the right color; the pictures came out either too blue or too green but this is the closest I could come to it. Hoping to get several batts of different colors done before the next show, which is in MARCH

What I'm spinning: Greenberry House hand dyed and hand carded Corriedale and alpaca blend. Singles done and getting ready to ply.
What I'm knitting: Garden Pond by Patricia Clift Martin in Fortissima Socka
What I'm crocheting: it's all hibernating
What I'm reading: Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais; The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H. Cook
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Wild winter winds in the trees by the creek
How the diet is going: Walking an hour in the morning with Emma and a half hour in the afternoon. Working on cutting back on the salty snacks.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Leslie, the Tunis is lovely and turquoise is a favorite color. Emma sounds a treat and know what you mean about the old ones. If we have to get up in the night, I stock the fire also. I'm hoping this ice storm missed us...we were expecting 1 to 2 inches but it's sunny this morning. I'll take it!