Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Beginnings

Time for tea.
It's hard to know what to say after such a long silence. I know I don't really want to talk about the reasons for my time away from the blog. Many of you already know and it's just something I'm not prepared to handle right now. Maybe someday. But what to say? Should I pretend nothing happened and just go on as if I haven't been away for months and months? Those months were full, and important, and it's difficult to ignore them. Perhaps as I begin writing again those months and events will creep into the paragraphs and entries. 

I do know one thing. I have the most wonderful friends and family in the world, and I'm grateful to everyone for their support and love during this past difficult year. I'm hoping this coming year will be better for everyone, for Greenberry House and for anyone who is reading these words.

There have been more positive changes in my life, I think, and I hope to be able to talk about them as this blog heads into new directions. I'm not really sure where I will go with my writing here, but I think things will remain much the same. I hope to be a little more inspired than in recent years, more sharing, more creative. I hope there will be some interaction with my readers, maybe some discussion, learning and growth. There is still a great deal of the unknown ahead of me, in life and in the business, so I hope you will join me on my journey as I discover my new beginnings.

What I'm spinning: East Frisian Wool from a local farmer
What I'm knittingTruly Tasha's Shawl by Nancy Bush
What I'm crochetingWinkle Vest by Tracy St. John
What I'm reading: The Greene Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine, La Vendee by Anthony Trollope
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Deep Space Nine Marathon
How the diet is going: Gained back almost everything I lost but have started exercising and watching what I eat again. Lost 7 pounds since the first of November.

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