Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Mad Hatters' Tea Party

My Mad Hatter Hat
My Fibery Mad Hatter's Hat
When I decided to start blogging at the first of the year, I made a promise to myself that I would make a post every day, even if it was only a photograph or a quotation. I haven't quite kept that promise. It's not so much that I'm busy, although I am, with setting up the shop and keeping the bills paid on time. It's more that there seems to be only a few days when there is something new to say. Most of my days march along with a certain sameness to their hours.

Classy Merry Widow
A Classic Merry Widow (the hat, I mean)
This past Sunday, however, was very different from all the days surrounding it. I took the day off because I was invited to a Mad Hatters' Tea Party at the house in Croquet Hollow, just over the hill from my place on Squirrel Spur.

The Process
The next victim
When I arrived there were already hats in the making, and the process was entertaining, if a bit grim for the participant. The hats are made of sheets of packing paper and clear packing tape, and the idea is that each hat is unique and fits the participant. To make it fit, the hat is formed TIGHTLY over the face and head of the, uh, volunteer.

How to make a hat party
Is she still OK in there?
Then the edges are rolled up into a hat brim and the pleased new hat owner heads off to decorate her new creation. They all turned out beautiful, very different from each other and they all reflected the unique personalities of their creators.

A real charmer (and so is the hat)
There was a little contest to see which hat was the most popular. It was tough to vote but Mary D. was the winner for her quirky creation.

Winner of the hat party contest
Mary's fun hat
We had a lovely tea with wonderful savories and sweets and three different blends, including an unusual Hungarian herb tea and a flavorful African black tea. There was an interesting mix of intelligent people, good friends new and old and the discussion was great between exclamations of admiration for the table and food.

Sweet Stella
Sweet Stella
The family dog, Stella, wasn't always sure what was going on but since everyone seemed to be having a good time she was OK with it. It was a wonderful and relaxing afternoon and I was ready to go back to work after having so much fun.

What I'm spinning: "Bluegrass" A hand dyed Romney batt
What I'm knittingTruly Tasha's Shawl by Nancy Bush
What I'm crochetingWinkle Vest by Tracy St. John
What I'm reading: The Golden Ass by Apuleius
Current sounds & sights for spinning along: Craft-Lit Dracula
How the diet is going: Haven't lost any weight according to my cheap scale but a few inches are gone here and there

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