Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Did That Happen?

August morning at the pond
August Morning on the Farm

I can't believe nearly a month has passed since I posted and that September is nearly here.  We've had some glorious days, some rainy days and some busy days since the last time I checked in here.  Busy is obvious, I suppose!

Meadows of Dan Folk Fair 2010
Meadows of Dan Folk Fair 2010

The biggest event of the month, for me, anyway, was the Folk Fair, held in association with the Virginia Peach Festival every year.  We had an awesome day; clear, fairly cool, with lots of people around.  An annoying shower popped up at the end of the day just as the play started, but folks were game and stayed around to see a fantastic presentation by Once Upon A Blue Ridge.  I didn't get to see this play, Heaven on Wheels, but I have seen the troop perform and they are amazing. 

Linda came to spin with me for the day, after singing down the road at Mountain Meadow Farm, and I really enjoyed what little time I had to sit with her and Sarah, another talented artist who came and set up in front of the shop.  I really appreciated having both of them, especially since I got busy inside with lots of lovely customers and interesting people.  From the pictures I've seen the Folk Fair was once again quite a success, with lots of music, crafts, wagon rides and great food!

Breakfast of Fresh Cantaloupe
Fresh Cantaloupe Breakfast

The gardens are starting to come in and this morning Sue surprised me with a share of her first cantaloupe of the season.  It was a great addition to my breakfast!  We've had an uncommonly wet August this year, with rain nearly every day and my garden is suffering a little because of that.  Too much rain for the tomatoes; to keep them from splitting I'm picking them just when they start to turn pink and all my windowsills are crowded with tomatoes and ripening pears.  The poor zucchini just vanished sometime this week, after suffering an attack by a nasty little grub that burrowed into the stem near the root and wilted it.  I cut the bad part off and replanted the younger growth, which struggled on for awhile but apparently gave up at some point during the wet weather.  When I went out to pick tomatoes this morning there wasn't a trace of it!  The poor Brussels sprouts are still struggling along despite attacks by all sorts of varmints.  Next year we're just going to have to be more prepared to fight destructive critters!

Other things are doing quite well.  I've picked peas and peas and peas; it looks like they're about done.  We ate lettuce until the plants bolted a few weeks ago but I have new plants shooting up from the second planting.  The corn has tasseled and silked and now the ears are filling in and I can't wait until they're ready. Fresh corn out of the garden just can't be beat.  The potato plants still look good and I've been getting a cucumber every day from one of the two plants we have.  There are some tremendous watermelons out there; not so many as last year but the vines are everywhere and have to be discouraged from riding down the potatoes.  My favorite half-runner beans are producing well with huge vines; I just have to have a dry day to pick them now and then!  The freezer is filling up with good stuff and that makes me very happy.

Aran Necklace Camisole
Aran Necklace Camisole

Naturally I had to cast on a new project or two after finishing the Oatmeal Sweater.  This is a charming little camisole by Caroline Bautista that appeared in the Interweave Knits Spring 2010 edition.  I'm knitting it from some lovely Miss Babs Yummy Sock Yarn that I got last fall from Spin A Yarn down in West Jefferson.  The pattern calls for a linen yarn so my cables aren't quite as defined in the wool sock yarn, but I'm pretty well pleased with it so far.  I've made a couple of drastic mistakes that I think I can fudge.  If you're making this pattern be sure you pay attention to which is the right side and which is the wrong side while you're doing the cables.  I have one strap that is back to front to the rest of the neckline.  I think I can fix it.  And also be sure you untwist the straps before you join for knitting in the round.  I didn't, bleh!

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