Monday, August 09, 2010

Finished Object

Oatmeal Cardigan
Oatmeal Cardigan

More knitting news: I finally completed the Oatmeal Cardigan, which I started, according to my Ravelry page, back on February 26.  I don't think that includes the spinning time!  This was a lovely, easy knit, though; the hot weather intruded a bit and knitting on a larger wool project wasn't as much fun during the sticky near-90 degrees we were seeing.  I tackled this all at once during some cooler days and got it completed.   Right now Veronica is getting to show it off at the shop but I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it!

When I ordered a microphone for using with the Knitting in the Round podcast (we now have Episode 26 and 26.1 up, hurray!), I noticed that getting a web cam at the same time was cheaper than paying for shipping for just the microphone.  I thought that maybe I could capture some birds or butterflies or something.  Haven't accomplished that yet but I got brave yesterday and let the SO video me while I explained some of the techniques involved in doing the cardigan.  It's terribly amateurish; I didn't have time to memorize my script and you can tell I was reading.  And I think we have to work on getting closer to the stitching so you can tell more about what it looks like.  Still, it might help someone be aware of what they need to know and it was fun to do.  I was fighting allergies, as usual!

Moonglow Sunflower 2010
Sunflower, good morning!

We had a good bit of rain last week and I got a little behind in the garden.   Things are looking lush, though, with half-runner vines sprawling out of their rows and watermelon vines everywhere.  I had to discourage them this morning from overrunning the potato patch.  Next year watermelon and corn are getting their own space where the vines can wander to their hearts' content.  Tomorrow I'm planning to stay home and pick and shell peas.  And mow the grass!  The lettuce has finally bolted and I'll be putting in a new row for later in the season.  We've been getting a zucchini a nice every few days and I can't wait for all those tomatoes to start showing some color!  We had some lovely zucchini stir-fry with some of Mom's yellow squash, onion and mushrooms in olive oil.

The only failure this year in the garden, I think, is going to be the Brussels sprouts.  No matter what I do I just can't keep varmints off the wretched things.  I planted sage next to them and that has kept down the cabbage butterfly menace that was so unpleasant last year in the broccoli, but then flea beetles attacked.  Sister-in-law Sue found a recipe using tomato leaves to make a spray to combat the flea beetles that worked beautifully.  Then a nastily voracious striped-y sort of caterpillar thing attacked and I handpicked them but they just kept on coming.  The poor sprout plants are riddled and I may just put them out of their misery tomorrow.  My only comfort is that a bunch of paste tomatoes came up volunteer in that patch and I'll have lots of sauce again this year!  

We've had some nice people come into the shop lately: new spinners and knitters, and people from as far away as Illinois.  The power went off after a wild storm on Thursday; not uncommon in the mountains.  I had to close the shop and cancel the stitching gathering and really missed seeing everyone.  Our electricity came back at about 7:30 but parts of the mountain didn't see it until 3 PM the next day.  I had to shut down the computer, of course, but it was too dark inside to try to knit!  Later after the storm passed I sat out on the porch swing to make sure no one from the knitting group showed up that I couldn't reach. 

I've been accepted to demonstrate for the Blue Ridge Heritage, Inc. at the Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Festival at Cumberland Knob.  This is taking place September 10-12 and is part of the kick-off of the anniversary celebrations this year.  I don't know all the details but I'm making up some small pieces out of handspun yarns to take along.  I'll be using the Great Wheel as well as the smaller wheels and I always enjoy that.  Right now I'm knitting a small pair of fingerless mitts out of some variegated blue merino.

Next up on the calendar, though, is the Meadows of Dan Folk Fair on August 21; lots of great music and festivities planned all over town that day!  I'm hoping to have some spinners here and maybe a big yarn sale; a couple of crafters will be demonstrating under a tent in front of the shop as well.

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