Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime Dreams

So, do you think that this:

hand dyed Romney fleece
Hand Dyed Romney Fleece

might have been inspired by this:

Pea blossom
Pea Blossom and vines

The garden is mostly what it has been about for the past couple of weeks, with brief forays into dyeing and lots of spinning.  It's almost too hot to knit right now, but I've been working a bit in the early morning hours on the Oatmeal Cardigan.  I'm just at the point where I can see the finish line and I can't wait to have it done!

We've also been picking blackberries and part of our cook-local-at-home schemes includes some lovely blackberry desserts.  Since we don't really have an oven, we've been doing blackberry dumplings on top of the stove.  Turns out great but you have to really watch that the berries don't stick to the bottom of the pan!  It turns out a lot like a cobbler, except there's not so much dough.  The dough turns into a nice crumbly cake.  If you want a recipe look up blackberry dumplings on-line.  I found a good one and then just cut it in half because our pan isn't very big!

Ron's stuff 074
Zucchini all ready to be picked!

Other good food has been fresh lettuce from the garden, sweet cucumbers in the salad given to us by sister-in-law Sue and lovely tomatoes gifted by Susan.  Our tomatoes are just blooming, along with the peas.  Half-runner beans are just starting their runners and the corn is shooting up.  I picked a nice if precocious zucchini this morning that I'm planning to use in a pasta salad tonight.  Fresh is wonderful!

Other news around Greenberry House:  I've been working hard on the web sites putting up new yarns and spinning fibers on the Greenberry House site and lots of interesting glass slides and autograph stuff on Scraps of American History.  One thing I love about working with the vintage stuff is that I learn so much about how things used to be.  The glass slides show some amazing depictions of how life was in the early 1900s.  I have a new box of yarn that just arrived in the shop from Lil' Bit o' Heaven; her color work just keeps getting better and better!

We're hoping to revive the podcast this weekend; I bought a microphone and got Skype set up in the laptop and we're going to do a practice run this afternoon.  So watch your feeds for Knitting in the Round to return!

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