Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Silly Season

Lace Pattern Drawstring Chemise
This is SO not working.

Guess who is heading for the frog pond tonight.  I love this yarn, think I like the pattern but there is NO way the two are going to work together.  I'm hideously off on the gauge both in the lace and the stockinette.  Fudging might work; I've been modifying the pattern like crazy but a good look at the fabric this morning made me realize: nope.  I've been looking at some other camisole type patterns and think I've found another one I like so we'll see!

Miss Babs Roving at Greenberry House
Miss Babs Roving at Greenberry House

Lots of lovely things have been coming in to the shop.  In fact, it has been a lot like Christmas.  I unpacked a beautiful box of hand dyed yarns from Lil' Bit o' Heaven last week and then this gorgeous hand dyed roving from Miss Babs arrived!  I think she just keeps getting better and better with her color work.  I've been reconstructing the shop portion of our web site and have just finished getting all the Bryspun needles up for sale.  Today I plan to photograph and put up this lovely roving from Miss Babs; check it out!  We also have some beautiful new stitch markers from Endless Possibilities in Meadows of Dan.  Some are sophisticated and some are sassy!

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Speaking of Miss Babs, I finally finished spinning up the Rose Garden roving and wound up with three lovely skeins.  They're in the shop now but I also plan to put them up on the web site as I get time.  Kind of hard to part with them; they are beautiful, soft and shiny.  I like shiny!

Otherwise we've been back in the garden!  The SO has been tilling away, using the tiller my dad bought the year my brother was born!  He did a fine job and the bunny poop enriched soil is great to work. The tomatoes are in (many less plants than last year); there are Brussels sprouts (with sage plants to guard them from the cabbage butterflies), corn, lettuce, green beans (many more than last year), peas, a cucumber plant, potatoes and watermelon.  I think that's all.  My sister-in-law started the plants for us and gave us the potato sets.  I've not been knitting as much.  Morning knitting time is taken up with gardening chores and watering!

Sorry about the delay in the podcasting.  Natalie has been busy and I had an allergy attack last weekend that killed my voice on Monday.  Hoping we can get together soon!

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