Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Crazy

First I was here:

Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival 2010
Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival

And then I was here:

Carolina Fiber Festival 2010
Carolina Fiber Festival

and in between was a lot of packing up and sorting and getting ready while at the same time looking after the animals and the shop.  So there hasn't been a lot of blogging lately!

Both festivals were a lot of fun and very successful.  It was great seeing so many fiber folk out appreciating all the hard work the promoters and volunteers had put into to making their events so wonderful.  Chris came down from Connecticut for Sedalia and she may not know it yet but next year she's staying for Carolina, too!  I found that trying to do a festival without her was like working without my right arm.  She hung out here in Meadows of Dan through the Sunday and we got her on the podcast.  Fun!

This weekend we're gearing up for a nice festival next door at Mountain Meadow Farm.  I'm taking advantage of the Memorial Day festivities to have a yard and porch sale of some odds and ends of collectibles through the weekend.  Good prices, come on out!

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