Monday, April 19, 2010

Time Goes By

Sheep Shearing Day 2010
Sheep Shearing Day 2010

So where did a week go, anyway?  Seems like only yesterday I was up to my elbows in wonderful fleece at Thistle Cove Farm, but I discover that over a week has passed and I haven't talked about it.  Or about the grand opening at Chestnut Creek School of the Arts where I took part in a street fair and parade in Galax on Saturday.  Shall I just say that both events were awesome, especially Sheep Shearing Day?  I came home with fleece, again, after I swore solemnly that I wouldn't!

There has been spinning done:

Fine singles in Rose Garden colorway
Miss Babs Rose Garden colorway

And knitting accomplished:

Richard's mitten
Richard's Mitten

And mistakes made:

See the stitch marker for my commentary.

It may be hard to tell but there's a twisted issue in this garter stitch band for my new camisole knitted in Unplanned Peacock's Poppy colorway.  A twist isn't a good thing for a waistband, y'all.  So it got ripped out this morning and I'll be starting again when my brain is working properly.  Bleh.  In brighter news I finished this:

Completed Feather and Fan
Completed Feather and Fan Cowl

and was very happy to find that it turned out exactly the size it should be.  I only made one change; the directions said bind off loosely and I didn't like the edge, so I took the bind-off back out and made it much tighter.   I also debuted my Larkspur Wrap sweater at the Chestnut Creek School event and was very pleased with the fit and style!

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