Friday, April 30, 2010

Starting Again

Quince at the house
Big quince at home on Squirrel Spur

Last week we had some glorious days and I've been watching the pear and apple trees blooming wildly under the spring sunshine.  This hardy quince usually blooms early as well; sometimes it even puts out a few blooms in December.  Yesterday we must have had a frost, although I thought there was enough wind to protect everything.  This morning when I came out to go to work all these lovely blossoms were burnt and brown.  The thing about the quince is that it will come back out again when the weather is warmer.  Not so some of the fruit trees, I fear.

Corona Camisole Progress
Corona Camisole progress

The quince doesn't seem to get very discouraged but I'm afraid I do, sometimes, when I make a silly mistake and have to start right back over from the beginning.   I have to remind myself that these sorts of mistakes are easily mended, great to learn from and far from costly.  There have been greater mistakes in my past that required much more than a few hours sitting cozily in a chair knitting a few rows over again.

I suppose I should be thankful that my mistakes, both past and present, have mostly been of the type I can  accept and live with, or live down.  I've never been one to dwell on past failures.  Looking back, events that I once thought of as tragic matter very little.  Situations I worried over or lost sleep about either never happened or were rarely as bad as I thought that they would be.  I suppose that is the lesson that making mistakes has taught me; every day and every task is a chance for a new beginning.

Paisley on a cool spring day
Paisley gets cozy

Despite the cold and rainy it has been a busy week here at Greenberry House.  Lots of new yarns came in from Lil Bit of Heaven and I'll be taking them around to shows and getting some of them up on the web site.  Linda's dyeing skills just keep getting better.  KnitKnerd (Kristen) brought in two braids of gorgeous Corriedale roving in a soft fawn color that is very much like the wool I spun up for my Oatmeal Cardigan.  She bought the fleece from Rising Meadow Farm and I suspect that it may have come from the same ewe.  Or a relative!  Either way it's lovely and some lucky spinner is going to enjoy working with it. 

I'm busy getting ready for our first big festival of the year, at Big Island, Virginia.  Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival takes place on May 15 and is a lovely, friendly gathering of special fiber folk from all over Virginia and beyond.  On Sunday I'm heading to Maryland Sheep and Wool for a fast day trip; really looking forward to it.

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