Friday, April 09, 2010

Breezy Spring

Forsythia in bloom

 It's a cold windy day here in Meadows of Dan; a bit of a shock after warm sunshine reaching 84 degrees.  We had one of those wild downpours yesterday afternoon during our community meeting and a bit of thunder and lightning.  Spring in the mountains!  I don't remember a time when the forsythia in my back yard bloomed like this; those hardy shrubs must really like snowy winters!

 Our community meeting was very interesting; we had a special guest speaker, Jeremy Bisse from Those Geeks in Abingdon, Virginia.  He spoke to us on Facebook and blogging and I learned several things I didn't know.  For example, this blog should be on my domain.  So I'm going to be moving it, as soon as he gets time to fix something on his end.  I don't think it will make any difference to you, though, because I think you can still find me at the old address.  But just in case, the new one will be  There were lots of other good points; if you need a speaker on Social Networking Jeremy's your man.

Feather and Fan Cowl
Feather and Fan Cowl

The knitted cowl is coming along; the other projects, not so much.  I did finish the second sleeve on the Oatmeal Cardigan and start the main part but I only have the ribbing and a few rows done.  Nothing on the Winkle Vest all week.  I did too much outside apparently and must have strained my wrist.  Crocheting hurts it a little.  I've been spinning just a little bit on some lovely Miss Babs roving in her colorway Rose Garden. 

On the warm days I got busy and finished cleaning out the bunny house and piled up old rabbit cages for someone to come and take away.  I discovered Craig's List; it's amazing how fast a not-so-far-away bunny farmer snapped the cages up when I posted them.  I'm not giving up the German Angoras, mind, but a lot of old, beat up and needing some repair cages had piled up in the barns and outbuildings.  I'm determined to get rid of some STUFF this year.

Getting back into the routines at work.  On Wednesday we recorded a podcast and on Thursday I sent out a newsletter for the shop.  If you're interested you can sign up at the web site.  I usually get one out about once a week but try not to be a commercial pain about it.  I've been offering articles, reviews and an occasional pattern.   It was nice to be able to announce that the shop is finally open for the season!

We're heading to Thistle Cove Farm tomorrow for Sheep Shearing Day and really looking forward to it!  Come out if you can and dress warmly!  

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