Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Parade

of finished knitted, handspun and crocheted objects:

Completed Old Shale Shawl
Old Shale Shawl

Larkspur Wrap Sweater
Larkspur Wrap Sweater

Handspun yarn from Cricket's fleece
Handspun black angora yarn special order

It is a beautiful Easter weekend here in Meadows of Dan, with clear skies, soft breezes and brilliant sunshine. I woke up early to see a silver moon shining in my windows and had to just sit and knit awhile before snuggling back up with Lily for an hour's snooze before we began the day.

Everyone is obsessed with spring right now up here in Meadows of Dan. It has been such a long winter; the main topic of conversation is when will the weather settle. After a few cooler days this past week with lots of wind, it does seem to be getting truly warm. Daffodils are nodding in the breeze here and there and my forsythia looks like it is going to be more beautiful than it has been in years. My garden was plowed where an old flower bed had been for years and disturbing the soil revitalized the bulbs I had there. Lots of Virginia bluebells are dotting the surface and daffodil leaves are breaking through.

Feather and Fan Cowl
Feather and Fan Cowl

I had a lovely time on Friday at Greenberry House with Pamela, who wants to expand her knitting skills by adding some techniques. We started with lace and worked on the Feather and Fan Cowl by Debbie Grale from the Spin-Off Winter 2009 issue. I think I've made or am making almost every pattern in that issue. This is a lovely and easy pattern and I love the way both cowls are turning out. Mine is going to be bigger; my spinning skills don't quite meet the 17 wraps per inch requirement for the pattern. Pam chose a fingering weight merino hand painted by Knit Fit Knitting. The colors were beautiful!

On the spinning wheels I'm also thinking spring, with some lovely Miss Babs roving in her Rose Garden colorway on the Reeves wheel. Very delicate and I'm spinning fine with a technique of threading the yarn through the flyer hooks that Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls mentioned on a podcast and Natalie clarified for me in our last show. I'm spinning much faster than usual by threading the single through both sides of the flyer. Give the podcasts a listen to get more details. Right now I'm carding the black wool I've mentioned elsewhere in a blend with hand dyed blue angora to be spun on the Haldane wheel. I'm thinking to add some beads to this one!

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