Sunday, March 21, 2010


Garter Stitch Section
Old Shale Shawl, pattern by Evelyn Clark

There's a haze of green timidly creeping over the fields and lawns up here in Meadows of Dan. The pussy willow catkins are out and I saw a red-winged blackbird perched proudly on the viburnum this morning as I went to tend the bunnies. I almost didn't need my coat.

I keep reminding myself that we're in the mountains, though, and we could still have snow. But today the air feels truly warm, without that little hint of keenness in the wind. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

It's hard to believe the winter months are over, though, and time has passed so swiftly despite the bitter weather. I didn't get half the spinning I had hoped to do done, but that's always the way it happens. Right now I'm working on some black angora singles that seem to be taking forever!

Silk/mohair and mohair yarn
Silk and mohair plied singles and mohair two-ply yarn

After all the quiet natural colors of the CVM fleece and black angora I've been spinning , I seriously needed some color on the wheel. So I pulled out the lovely mohair batt that I bought at the retreat in February from Sherry Geisler and spun it into some bright singles. Last year at Sedalia my only fiber purchase was two ounces of some lovely dyed Tussah silk from The Flock Bransonas. I spun that up and plied it with two ounces of Sherry's mohair. Lots of sparkle and color in one place. Very pleased with the resulting two-ply yarns.

It has been a lovely week. Since the weather has changed I've been getting out a little bit. On Tuesday Mom and I went to Floyd for lunch to celebrate her birthday and for me to go to a meeting. She sat contentedly with a book at the Jacksonville while we had the meeting. Almost every morning we were able to walk with friend Kym and her dog Bently and it was nice to catch up with her. On Friday night I went to the PTO dinner theater just down the road at the community building. Lots of talented crafters and a really funny play produced by Once Upon a Blue Ridge. It was wonderful to get out, see the play and visit with local folks that have been snowbound!

This weekend has been busy at the shop, which I'm loving. Lots of old friends, repeat customers and new folks coming in. This is only the second weekend we've been able to open since the wild weather.

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