Sunday, March 28, 2010

Plans and Progress

Old Shale Shawl, almost finished!

A touch of winter came back to Meadows of Dan this week and weekend, with snow showers on Friday and a cold breezy day yesterday. Now I'm looking out at a fog so thick that it seems as if my little building is alone in the world!

On the lovely warm couple of days that we had I cleaned out part of the bunny house and sheared a very shabby rabbit. I try not to let house and critters get in such bad shape, but with the winter we had this year there was never a time that I could manage to do more than the necessary to keep everyone reasonably comfortable. The garden has the benefit of a huge dose of bunny poop fertilizer, though. And although Misty's fleece was a total loss to me, I have a feeling that there are going to be some luxurious and cozy angora-lined birds' nests around Greenberry House this year.

For the rest of the time I've been knitting, spinning and crocheting. The Old Shale Shawl is nearly done and I almost can't stand how lovely it turned out. I so want it off the needles but I also want to be able to show how to do the crocheted bind-off in a video that Natalie is planning to film this week for the podcast. I've been working on the Larkspur Wrap Sweater again, since it finally got warm enough to block it for a day or two, and I'm ALMOST done with the black angora spinning. It will be nice to get something else on that wheel. I washed up half a beautiful Romney fleece from Thistle Cove Farm on the sunny day we had and am hoping to get it on the drum carder soon.

Speaking of Thistle Cove, Sheep Shearing Day is coming up soon! Join us on April 10 for fun and demonstrations. We're usually set up by 9 AM and the shearer is usually finished by noon. Most of the demonstrators hang around until about 4 PM. Natalie is going to try to come up and we'll be hoping to interview some of the Lost Arts Guild members for the podcast. Here's hoping for a sunny day. Last year was beautiful, breezy and clear. If there's a prettier piece of country in the world than the cove I haven't seen it.

And speaking of podcasts, yet another episode is up at Knitting in the Round.

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