Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sorry for the suspense....

In the bag
Meet Paisley

I thought I had revealed the name that won the contest here, but I guess I only put it up at the podcast blog. Marian of Freshisle Fibers suggested "Paisley" and it seems to suit the little darlin'. She's become my knitting familiar...her favorite place to sleep is curled up on my knitting bag as I work! Everyone had terrific suggestions for her name and we really appreciate the participation!

Awesome bag
Awesome bag, for knitting and more!

I sort of accidentally-on-purpose didn't mention that last Sunday was my birthday. I had a lovely day with nice knitters dropping by and visits with friends. On Tuesday Kym and Trinity went out to dinner with me and Kym presented me with this beautiful bag! I love, love, love it...can you tell the color is amazing? It's terrific for holding all my usual stuff plus the current knitting project. And occasionally a little kitten creeps into it!

I'm still knitting away on Christmas gifts, so no pictures again. I've just done something with cables, for the very first time, and I love them! So, so easy....!

First Snow, December 5, 2009
Winter surprise

The forecasters, some of them, got it right yesterday and we wound up with three inches of snow. The roads were covered for a little while but the road crews cleared them up pretty promptly. It was really cold last night...17 at my house when I got up but the snow is leaving now. My rabbits' bottles were all frozen...I need to go down now that it's warmer and put them back up. When it's really cold I can only use water bowls and that just isn't as satisfactory!

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