Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like......


Snow is falling outside, and I'm blazing though the computer, trying to get everything done I want before I head for home to cuddle up with these guys! And my knitting needles! Hoping the power stays on...nothing like a few unexpected days off because of a snow storm!

Although winter weather has slowed things down at the shop, I'm staying busy. Natalie came up yesterday and we recorded Knitting in the Round and discussed some plans to do some fiber shows this coming year. She also came up with a fabulous contest, so go check out the podcast and enter!

I also reviewed a wonderful new book by a local author on the podcast and at my web site. Becky Mushko has written a delightful book for children that should appeal to all ages. I can picture parents enjoying reading it to their small ones and I know I enjoyed reading it even though I'm far past childhood. Maybe. I don't think we should ever lose the magic of make-believe, or ever completely let go of fairies. Check out my review of Ferradiddledumday and visit the shop after the first of the year....I'm going to try to get copies to sell!

Paisley has made herself at home, as you can see from the picture above. The dogs weren't very happy about a new baby at first, but she has wormed her way into their acceptance, if not their affection. Paisley is my new knitting familiar...never very far from my knitting bag or my lap when I have the needles out.

Time to finish up the newsletter for Greenberry House and then head home for a warm bowl of soup. Hope everyone stays safe and warm during the snow!

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