Friday, November 13, 2009

Little Feet

I'll catch it!
We have another baby....

...found in a basket on my doorstep. No, not really; she arrived on Bent Road and couldn't stay because the resident cat did NOT approve. Fortunately things have gone better for her here. Barnabas is baffled, Lily regally disdainful, Deuteronomy frankly delighted, and TJ chastened. Rudy, the bird, keeps a wary eye on her but so far kitten has been very ladylike.

And kitten needs a name. I think her little face looks like a flower. Names that begin with "P" present themselves, for no clear reason that I can understand. So I'm considering Posy, Petunia, Paisley....any suggestions? Not Pansy, please; that name was ruined for me by the Harry Potter books. Penny? Princess? Precious?

I've finally managed to get some work done at the shop today, although that means that all the people have gone away. That's not so good but I got all the vendor checks written at last, a blog post done at Meadows of Dan, pitiful though it is, and the newsletter for the shop is out. Sign up in the pink box to find out about a great review by Tammy of Footheel Sock Knitter.

Je Suis Jolie Mitts

This is a simple pattern, so far, by Clara Parkes that appears in the new Interweave Knits Accessories 2009. This is another pattern that also appeared in an earlier Interweave publication, this time Knitscene, Fall 2006. I'm not sure how I feel about all these recycled patterns, Interweave, appearing in a $15.00 magazine. Anyway, the yarn is my Greenberry House angora/merino millspun sport weight. Since I can't bear to take the Wine and Roses Mitts off, I figure I should have another set waiting in the wings. I'm eying some cotton in my stash, too, for some summer styles!

Moss Fern Wrap

This is my version of the Moss Fern Wrap by Kimberly K. McAlindin from the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet. The yarn is from Unplanned Peacock, one of my vendors, and is a beautiful and very fine laceweight merino/silk blend in the colorway Quail. Since my obsession with mitts I haven't worked on it a great deal but it's still coming along nicely.

With all the wet weather there isn't much other news. We managed to walk a couple of mornings this week and then it poured. No moon, no stars, just wet dogs and me. Last night our community organization was invited to Primland for our meeting and a tour of the lodge. The hospitality was great and the reserve is beautiful. Check out the web site, or better yet, come visit Meadows of Dan and Primland in person!

Natalie came up on Monday and we recorded Episode 6 of the Knitting in the Round podcast. We're really going to try to be more regular with our releases. Honest! Natalie is planning to come up every Monday, and when I cut back on the shop hours after Christmas I'll be able to go down to Mount Airy. Such sacrifices for our public!

Oh, look, it's raining again. Surprise...

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