Monday, November 16, 2009

Finished Objects and Other Treasures

Je Suis Jolie Mitts
Je Suis Jolie Mitts

You folks may get bored with fingerless mitts before I'm done; I do apologize. But I'm obsessive...what can I say? These were a fast knit, just a 3/1 rib with a silly little flower and a vintage button. I love the silly little flower. I'm not girly that often...

Lots of handspinning getting done. It's dark outside so I can't take a picture yet, but I finished plying the Fire Ant Ranch Cheeky Batt. The yarn turned out nice and I think it's kind of interesting. I'll talk more about it later when I can get pictures. I've started plying the Corriedale singles I've been spinning since April. I'm planning to make the Every Way Wrap from the Interweave Knits Fall 2009 issue with them.

And speaking of treasures, Natalie brought some of her gorgeous new yarns today! Some of them did NOT want to leave my hands and make it to the shelves!

New yarn at Greenberry House

Name the kitty!


This little one still needs a name, so head over to our podcast, listen to Episode 7, and then enter the contest! Here the little darlin' reveals the usual state of my knitting/spinning/crocheting/book work table! (P. S. Votes for a name over here don't have to visit the podcast to find out what to do!)

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