Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spinning With Friends!

Spinning in public
Beautiful Joan and lovely Tammy spinning!

We had a fabulous day for World Wide Spinning in Public Day here in Meadows of Dan. Thanks to our local media, who were gracious enough to print and broadcast a press release I sent out, we had a nice turnout of spectators to see us demonstrate our spinning skills. It was sunny and a bit too breezy at first but things finally settled down.

Two-fisted weaver!
Weaving on every side

Kathleen got a lot of attention, too, with her lovely weaving projects on her frame looms. She's a teacher and her explanations of her art were really interesting. We had some visitors from England yesterday and I think we made a good impression!

Tammy got some really great pictures that she posted on her blog. I should have taken a lot more but I kept getting distracted by the great conversations we were having. Kathleen is well-traveled and very interesting, while her mother, June, is knowledgeable about so many different aspects of spinning and other crafts that it was great to compare notes. Tammy is a gifted knitter and spinner, and there's always something to learn from her as well.

Spinning at Greenberry House
Tammy spinning a lovely thread

Next year I'm going to plan a little better and not have WWSIP Day on such short notice. Still, I'd call this one a success and I really enjoyed my time with these talented ladies!

Other news in Meadows of Dan:

Fairies in Meadows of Dan
Did the Fairies visit Meadows of Dan?

Maybe not, but I'm not sure what these creatures were flying around at the top of Squirrel Spur Road late one afternoon...

More Texel
Hand Dyed Texel Roving

I had all these plans for working outside Wednesday, and of course it was raining when I got up. So I hauled out the dye pots and poked some Texel roving in while I snapped half-runner beans. I'm thinking of crocheting some cushions for this lawn swing...think it needs them? The sun came out later in the day but by then I was on the road for a quick up the road and right back down again trip to Northern Virginia. I hear I'm going to have to do it again this week...wonder when I'm supposed to get the yard, garden, bunny house and housework done?

In the garden
Nasturtiums in the garden

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