Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Awesome Weekend in Meadows of Dan!

What's Needlin' Ewe?
What's Needlin' Ewe: New yarn shop in Mount Airy, North Carolina

It has been a busy week and weekend up here on the mountain, although you might have guessed that from my silence on this blog! Lots of people came up to enjoy the cool breezes, the Chinquapin Festival, the opening of the Corn Maze and lots and LOTS of yard sales!

Strange tomato
Strange tomato from Mountain Meadow Farm and Craft Market

The garden is sort of winding down, just in time for me to be busy with other things. My tomatoes have fallen victim to late blight, but the freezer is full and I'm content to let them go the way of all things. The half-runner beans, however, haven't gotten the hint that fall is on the way and I've been stringing and freezing for days. We're also waiting on the sweet corn, planted late, and impatiently checking the watermelons every week for signs that they are getting ripe!

Wild Blue Aster
Wild Aster on the farm

It was a lot of fun this week seeing so many people at the shop. Some old friends came to visit and I met some new and enthusiastic knitters and may have started a couple of nice neighbors into spindle spinning. Everyone that comes in to the shop makes a bee-line for Miss Babs and her beautiful rovings, even if they don't spin. Yet!

We have a couple of great sales going on with two of our vendors. Fiber on the Mountain is running a 20% off sale on her beautiful handspun skeins and Knit Fit Knitting is continuing her 50% off sale on her hand dyed and handspun yarns, mostly sock weight. Come in and check them out!

KnitFit Knitting Yarn
At What's Needlin' Ewe

I took a break from my shop on Saturday to go down Squirrel Spur to Mount Airy to check out the new yarn shop there and record Episode 3 of our podcast. It was a beautiful drive down the mountain and a lot of people, especially on motorcycles, were enjoying the scenery and the sunshine. I saw the new Angel Overlook about halfway down Squirrel Spur. It's shaping up to be a lovely spot where people can picnic and see an impressive view of a lovely part of Patrick County.

There were lots of people in Mount Airy, but I found easy parking not far from the LYS. We talked a lot about the shop on the podcast, but I do want to say that it is lovely and the yarns they've chosen look to be smashing. I didn't have time to really shop because I had to get back to work, but I'll be heading back down soon to fondle and purchase. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and I know how knowledgeable Natalie is about knitting and spinning. Check out their web page for classes!

Blue Texel yarn
Blue Texel Two-ply Handspun Yarn

I finished the Texel I've been spinning, and really like how it turned out this time. I aimed for a finer single and the resulting yarn is a nice sport to light worsted thick and thin. The colors range from deep to light Carolina blues. I'll be putting it up for sale at the shop as soon as I get the skeins measured and rewound. It think it would make beautiful hand warmers or hats!

And now I'm spinning dog hair! One of the Stitch 'n Chat knitters told her neighbor about my shop and she brought in a lovely bag of combed "wool" from her dog. I think she said it was a Komodor. It has been fun to spin, much like alpaca. I haven't had much time to work on anything else lately, but I'm still crocheting a bag and spindling some of Miss Babs beautiful roving, when I have a break!

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