Friday, June 05, 2009

We Did It!

The garden
The garden, at last!

Somehow, between rain showers, we managed to get all the seeds and the tomato plants into the ground.  Some of the peas are up, the tomatoes look pretty good despite the wet and we planted broccoli, brussel sprouts and two hills of watermelon.  Planning to get lots of other veggies from Mountain Meadow Farm and Craft Market through the season.

Other than gardening it has been a busy week, despite the rain.  I sheared one of my favorite rabbits, Blueberry Belle.  Belle is the doe in my mom's lap in the picture on this page of the web site.  I also sheared Jack, a nice chocolate buck, also featured on this web page.  Did some necessary cleaning down in the bunny house as well, all before the rains came again.


Speaking of birds, the barn swallows are back on the front porch at Greenberry House again.  Mom looks to be sitting on her eggs, although I can't be sure.  She isn't leaving the nest very much.  Down in the barn there's another nest, and I noticed little heads peeking at me over the side this morning during rabbit feeding time.

During the wet weather I've been inside most of the time, and spinning and knitting.  I don't have pictures of the spinning projects but I finished seven or eight skeins of a brown Border Leicester fleece that has been here for a little while.  The yarn turned out lovely, but I'm still thinking I may over dye it for a variegated effect.  That has proved popular with the customers.  I just started a bobbin of hand dyed red Texel and I'm enjoying the way it is spinning up.

Striped Knitted Pillow
Knitting on a pillow

Last night at Stitching group I made a lot of progress on this project, while I had a great visit with Candy.  I'm hoping to finish this while we're on the way to and from Colorado.  Great time to knit, imprisoned in the front seat of a car!  

Yesterday I had to take the dogs to the vet and it was the usual adventure.  TJ is an angel at home, getting much better at behaving when we're walking together, but is an absolute lunatic in the car.  He seems deliriously happy, but I'm not really sure what's going on in his head.  He barks and whines the whole way with a huge smile on his face and his tail wagging frantically.  Not much fun as a companion on even a short trip.  We managed, though, and on the way home he sat up front with Lily and was a bit quieter.  She didn't love having him there, though.

We got the full set of shots for the dogs because we're going to have to board them while we're away.  I'm groaning with the expense of it all.  I know the cost has more than doubled for regular shots over the past couple of years (although having to change vets may be part of the reason for that).  I adore the dogs and don't really mind the expense, but in the back of my mind is the fact that a lot of people don't feel that way.  I'm afraid that there will be still more abandoned animals because pet owners don't want to pay the high costs of caring for them.  

Lily got sick last night...not sure if it was the heat, putting up with TJ's excitement during the trip or a mild reaction to the shots.  She was restless all night after throwing up all over the living room and then mad at me because I didn't give her supper!  This morning she seems back to normal.  I'm glad I didn't stop off at the library for books-on-tape for the trip after all, though, because I would have felt guilty about leaving her in the car when she got sick.  The vet visit didn't take very long and the library wasn't open yet, so I headed home rather than wait the extra twenty minutes.  I'm going to miss my books, though!

So, Colorado here we come!  I have so much to do before we leave!

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