Friday, May 08, 2009

Rain, rain, rain....and then a little more rain

Foggy Mountain Morning
Foggy Mountain Morning

I think the whole East Coast has been under a huge wet weather system this week.  All anyone is talking about is rain.  Knitting by the fire while it's raining has been the best idea I've heard all week!  I raided the bookmobile last Monday and, along with spinning and crocheting, I've been pretty happy.  But I want to get out into the garden!

I went, in the rain, to the greenhouse and picked out some tomatoes.  Just couldn't stand to wait any longer.  I was hoping to get them into the garden this week...but it rained.   I got a new refrigerator (hurray!) which was delivered in the rain.  Then I waded across the parking lot of the grocery store so I could fill the the rain.

Rainbow over the farm
Rainbow over the farm in Meadows of Dan

At one point I was hopeful that the rain might be slacking off...we saw a rainbow on Tuesday evening and the clouds seemed to be breaking up.  Woke up to rain the first thing the next morning, though.  Wednesday was an interesting day, despite the rain.  'Round the Mountain got a grant to have a video crew come out into the nineteen Southwest Virginia counties and film the artisan members at work.  They came to Meadows of Dan on Wednesday morning, despite the rain and fog, and spent over three hours filming and interviewing me about spinning and life as an artisan.  I had a terrific time doing it and really had the opportunity to talk about things that are very important to me.  Like the things I talk about on this blog.  Of course, the final video for the web sites will only be two or three minutes long!

Just as the video people were setting up, the delivery fellows called because they were at the house with my new refrigerator.  So I dashed down, between the rain drops, to let them in.  I just opened the doors, snatched up the cat and shut him in the bathroom, and ran back out, telling the guys not to let the dog bite.  She was secured behind a gate, of course!

Greenberry House
Porch window at the house, with thriving Virginia Creeper

Yesterday we saw the sun!  Everybody cheered right up and several customers came in, enjoying the beautiful day.  The German Angora I had brought up here for the filming was on the porch and got lots of attention.  I'm planning to shear him today and take him home.

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