Friday, May 01, 2009

On a warm spring day in Meadows of Dan

Seen around the farm:

Shy violets in the grass
Violets blooming

Skunk Cabbage
Skunk cabbage...growing

Apple Blossoms
Apple tree exploding with blossom

Plowing the garden
Neighbor plowing Sue's garden (he did mine, too!)

Hinge aging on outbuilding

Now back to practicalities.  Although I don't know anything much more practical than a garden.  I can't wait to get to digging.  The soil needs to be tilled, because this is the first year I've had a garden patch at this spot.  It's near the grapevine fence, in lots of sun.  And out where everyone can see it so I'll have to keep it weeded!  I've already gotten seeds for sunflowers, nasturtiums and marigolds.  Oh, yeah, and peas, lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts....planning to get some tomato plants.  We're sort of getting a late start because it has rained so much but I hope we can soon catch up!

Recycled!  Former refrigerator now feed bin

Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm suggested in a comment on this blog that I use the refrigerator that died as a feed bin.  I would never have come up with that idea myself, but it works perfectly!  In fact, I think that the feed bin will long outlast the life of the refrigerator used for it's original purpose.  It only kept food cold for a year and a few months!  We put it up on cinder blocks on a tarp to protect it from the damp.  Since it wasn't a full-sized appliance it holds two 50 pound bags of rabbit feed perfectly.  When I get the chickens, hopefully next year, there's room in the freezer compartment for laying mash!

Greenberry's Highland Mary
Mary waiting for breakfast

Already the rabbits have realized that the sound of the refrigerator lid opening means breakfast, just like the recognized the rattle of the old metal garbage can.  Mary, as senior doe, gets her breakfast first (although it's mostly because she's closest to the door, but don't tell her that.)  Mary is coming up on seven years old now and still has a wonderfully thick fleece, eats well, and enjoys her outings on the grass in the little pen.  She's long retired from motherhood and doesn't seem to regret it.

Mom's Prayer Shawl
Mom's Prayer Shawl

Finally finished this shawl yesterday.  Really pleased with the way it turned out.  The soft striping of the sock yarn and the fineness of the gauge really work, at least I think so.  It may be awhile before I tackle a pattern like this again but I enjoyed knitting this!

Glittering Capelet
New project

No sooner did I lay down the knitting needles that I picked up the crochet hook.  This is a pattern from the Spring, 2009 Interweave Crochet, by Lily M. Chin.  It's called Glittering Capelet, although because I'm using a wool yarn mine doesn't glitter so much.  This is a shop sample.  Even thought it's made from a commercial yarn I got at A Likely Yarn in Abingdon a few months ago, I think it will show the effect you can get from our local painted yarns.  

We had a quiet day yesterday here at the shop because of the weather, but I got a nice surprise when Linda came late in the afternoon with some of her beautiful handspun yarns.  We had a delightful visit while we worked on getting her yarns settled onto the shelves and then gave ourselves a treat by visiting Christopher's Pizza just down the road for dinner.  I'm having left-over pizza for lunch!

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