Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting ready for the festival

To the show!
Getting ready for the festival

It has been a lovely, if busy week!  Lots of meetings, gatherings, some demonstrating and then more meetings.  Today I'm concentrating on pulling together all the stuff I need for the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival.  Fortunately friend Chris from Connecticut decided at the last minute to come down with her darlin' Kiri!  Here she's sorting through her gorgeous angora blend yarns, from sock weight to fingering, and pricing them to take to the show.

New Yarns from Linda Wright!
New Yarns from Wild Iris Wool

One of the highlights of a week filled with fun and interesting stuff was a visit by Linda of Wild Iris Wools.  She brought lovely new yarns to sell here at the shop.  See that shiny green one?  Gorgeous mohair single!  And look at the sparkles in that pink and the yellow!

Sue of Dan River Books
Sue of Dan River Books in Meadows of Dan talking to visitors at Lambsburg

On Tuesday there was a Chamber of Commerce gathering in Meadows of Dan that was well-attended and lovely. Got a bit of bad news about a dear member of the community, though, which I pray will turn out all right. Had to rush away and attend another meeting in Stuart, which was also very interesting. There are some clever people around working on some amazing projects.

Wednesday was another fun day, although I was really tired when I got home.  I went with a small group of Meadows of Dan representatives to the Virginia Welcome Center at Lambsburg, which is on I-77 just north of the North Carolina line.  We set up demonstrations of traditional crafts and talked to over 300 people over the course of the day.  Lots of folks from all over...Michigan, Ohio, Canada and beyond.  I always enjoy this type of demonstration and the staff at the welcome center is just amazing.  So friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!

Beautiful new raw alpaca!
Beautiful new raw alpaca!

Mary Martin, who lives in Bluefield, came to Meadows of Dan on Sunday and brought lots of wonderful alpaca fleece.  There was one bag I snagged right out of the box...too beautiful to pass up.  She brought rose gray, fawn, brown, gray and especially black.  This is all raw fleece, blanket and also some blending fiber.  Can't wait to get into my bag!  We'll have some if it at Sedalia.

Glittering Capelet
Finished Glittering Capelet

The sun has finally come out, after such a long time hidden by rain clouds.  The yard has finally been mowed and I planted tomatoes, peas, and lettuce early in the week.  The sky is lovely right now, with soft-looking puffy clouds skirting the horizon.  There's a bit of a breeze and I'm hoping this is a good sign for the festival tomorrow.

Chris and I have been catching up on the stories and in general having a great time along with working on getting ready for the festival.  Her puppy, Kiri, has been an angel.  My Lab, TJ, less so but he's working on it.  He's too much dog for Kiri to play with but she made a game try at it last night.  When she comes back next year she'll give him a run for his money!

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