Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting inspired!

Yeah, that's rain
Yeah, it's raining

Well, I'm trying to be inspired, but it's tough right now with all the wet weather.  My friend and helper Laveta came by early this afternoon and managed to clean out the bunny house between showers, but a storm blew in just after she finished.  The skies are "sulled up" again right now, even though it's not doing anything right this minute.  It will be.

Another one of my shawls
Another shawl

With all the wet weather I find that I'm not very inspired.  Usually I'm out taking pictures of spring flowers and I'd love to be talking about the first garden I've put in since I can't remember when.  But wet days just keep me dashing from barn to house to shop, and I don't spend as much time looking around as I'd like.  I noticed as I ran back from getting lunch today that what looks like a big locust tree near the Parkway is blooming.

So instead of working outside I've filled all the spinning wheels with wool and my knitting needles and crochet hook have been busy.  I've carded a big basket of brown Border Leicester wool that I hope to finish spinning this week to get overdyed.  My dye day didn't happen this past week, and I think I'm going to be too busy getting ready for a trip to do much dyeing next week.

The other shawl above is one I'm working on for sale.  This is in a cotton yarn and a very simple pattern I just make up as I go.  I'm sure there are lots of variations on this theme out there.  I'm also knitting a throw pillow to brighten up the shop porch.  Stockinette and garter stitch in stripes...I'm sure someone else has had this idea before, too, although I haven't seen it yet.

The trip... in one more week the SO and I are heading for Colorado, in part for the Estes Park Wool Market.  We haven't had a vacation together in I don't even remember how long.  I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to get excited.  But now that Linda and Susan are looking after the shop, Laveta is looking after the rabbits and cats and Diane is tending the dogs, I'm starting to think going away for awhile will be fun, even though it's partly a work trip.  I don't have a booth at this show but I'm going to keep my eyes open to see if it might be something we'd want to do someday.  I have an idea I need to do more fiber shows next year

For two mornings in a row I managed to take TJ for a walk...poor fellow was really happy to get outside.  He doesn't like wet weather, though, and will turn right around if it starts raining on us while we're out!  Lily is content to curl up on the couch with me after a short daily walk, whether it's wet outside or not.  Last night she and the cat, Barnabas, graciously allowed me to sleep in my bed with them!

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