Thursday, May 21, 2009

Festivals, Friends and Fiber Frolics!

Greenberry House at Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival 2009
Greenberry House at Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival

I have to say this has been a wonderful week!  Busy, of course, but truly special in a lot of ways.  As I mentioned last week, Chris of Woolybuns came down for a visit and to go to the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival with me.  I don't know what i would have done without her, as we loaded her car and mine as full as we could manage.  Tough on Chris to have to do so much driving after her long trip down from Connecticut but she tackled it like the trooper she is!  Her lovely yarns were the hit of the booth!

Setup was a breeze, partly thanks to the SO coming along to help with stuff and partly because of the great location we had under the pavillion.  Ron had the bright idea of bringing two vintage oriental rugs along as a floor to Greenberry House booth, and I think that they really set off our fiber and yarns.  Not to mention giving us a place to put all the fiber that over-flowed the shelf space and also making it easier on the feet for standing all day.  I told him he isn't getting them back!

The Pavillion, Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival 2009
Under the pavillion, Sedalia 

Dana, Dianne and the rest of the staff did a wonderful job putting the festival together.  Dianne acted as emcee all day and was a riot as she handled the raffle and the announcements.  I almost typed "rabble" instead of raffle...think that means something?  It was obvious how much hard work had gone into making everything run smoothly.  I overheard a couple of conversations that indicated people would love to see another Sedalia Fiber Festival during the year!

At long last I got to meet "The Thinking Knitter", Rae, in person!  She's just as delightful as she seems on Ravelry and on other projects I've become acquainted with over the years.  Plucky and hard-working....I saw her throughout the day and she seemed to be in helping mode every time.  And of course I got to see some old friends...Sandy from Mosaic, Lawre from Lawre's Laine, Natalie from Knit-fit, Mary Ellen from ISeeSpots.  And I know there were lots more folks!  New friends and old, fiber folk are fantastic!

Cooling off
Cooling Off

We were so lucky with the weather!  The storms held off and although it got hot there was a breeze most of the day.  This lucky llama settled down in front of a big fan late in the day and the wind shows off the length of his coat!  

I picked up a new vendor that I'll be talking about in the next couple of days and also have some new items from Lawre's Laine that are absolutely awesome.  I didn't buy much for myself, just some beautifully dyed silk from Bransonas.  I saw Chris over with our booth neighbor that makes awesome looking handbags.  I didn't get her information because I have a hundred knitting bags and didn't want to be tempted.  Our other neighbor was Long Locks Ranch in Riner and I'm talking to them about selling their lovely mohair yarn at Greenberry House.

It was wonderful visiting with everyone, new friends and old, at Sedalia on Saturday.  Hope to see everyone at Sedalia again next year, along with lots of new people!

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