Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sheep Shearing Day!

Leslie and Sandra by the skirting table
Me and Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm

It's spring again, and this past weekend we headed out on our spring journey to Thistle Cove Farm for Sheep Shearing Day.  A week or so earlier than in past years, but everything came together for a wonderful time.

Thistle Cove Farm in Tazewell, Virginia
Beautiful Tazewell County, Virginia

Thistle Cove Farm may be located in the most beautiful place in the world.  I'm not positive of that, since I haven't been everywhere, but it is truly lovely in the Cove.  Everywhere you look there is a peaceful scene, and as always I have lots more pictures of the wonders of the area.  

Sheep Shearing Day Vendors
Sheep Shearing Day Vendors

Although the wind did blow a little, Lost Arts Guild members were out in force with their wonderful handmade items.  A luthier, a blacksmith, a loom maker, a basketmaker, spinners and more set up around the lovely old farm buildings and talked to visitors and demonstrated their crafts. 

Singing on the farm
Singing on the farm

When the shearer came and set up I went down to help with skirting the fleeces.  That's my favorite part of sheep shearing day.  Who wouldn't want to be up to their elbows in fresh, beautiful wool?  Sandra's fleeces are absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every minute working with the lovely women who pitched in to help!  I came away with two beautiful fleeces, both Romney, that I'll soon be processing and spinning up!

All too soon it was time to pack up and say good-bye to new friends and old.  Sandra is a great hostess and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the farm.  I brought back some of Sandra's lovely handspun yarn to sell at the shop.  She has some nice gray and white Down breed wool skeins here now that would be perfect for sock yarn!

Twin Camels
Camels along the road

Along the way home there is much more beautiful scenery in Southwest Virginia.  I had to stop and see if the camel I spotted two years ago along the road into Tazewell was still there.  Not only was there a camel...he had been joined by an entire herd!  

Sunset over Buffalo Mountain
Sunset over Buffalo Mountain near Meadows of Dan

Although it is delightful at Thistle Cove Farm, it was nice to get back to Squirrel Spur and our own little flock of rabbits, cats and dogs.  The shop was capably manned by friend and fellow knitter Kristen on Saturday, so it was nice to walk in on Sunday morning to greet a busy day of customers.  I've spent the week spinning, dyeing and knitting, very pleasant with the cooler weather.  Hoping for warmer weather next week so I can get some long-delayed bunny chores out of the way!

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