Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Yarn!

Wonderful yarns from Little Bit of Heaven!

Almost everything is back to normal here at Greenberry House.  Yesterday it was sunny enough to get some work done, and I washed some things and hung them out on the line for a change!  Bravo sunshine.  I had to "do up" the first piece I ever made with the handspun singles I spun on my great-grandmother's wheel.  It's a shawl in silvery tones and so heavy and warm.  There's a little hole in it, though, that I noticed.  Need to get out the crochet hook and make a repair.  I also sheared Amber, one of the oldest rabbits here.  She still produces quite a bit of lovely wool!

Thanks to Sandra's suggestion, I'm going to turn the old refrigerator into a feed bin.  Perfect idea and very clever on her part!  And friend, fellow spinner, expert knitter, (and probably cousin) Kristen down the mountain has a refrigerator!  When I can get a pickup and some pals to go along to help we'll be back in the kitchen business!

Nice responses to my very first newsletter!  When I get the full version of Constant Contact, I'll be putting the issues on my web site in an archive.  Since they offered two free months before signing up, I'm taking advantage!  I'm starting to work on the next issue, which will feature Linda's lovely yarns above, some information on llama wool, what's happening in Meadows of Dan, and whatever else I come up with before next week!

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