Saturday, April 11, 2009

Early Spring Thoughts

First Rainbow
Rainbow over Meadows of Dan

It was still kind of dark and dreary when I took this picture last week, after an early morning shower.  Yesterday it rained again, off and on, but the storms predicted didn't make it into this part of the mountain.  Sadly a lot of people in Tennessee and other areas suffered under severe storms and tornados.  Remember them in your prayers and donations.

Knit Knerd Yarn
Angora/wool yarn by Knit Knerd

Most of my week has been taken up with new projects and old ones.  I actually updated the Meadows of Dan blog, for a change, and hope to get it done at least once a week to post events and things.  Lots happening in Meadows of Dan with the coming warm weather.

And I've been updating the Greenberry House web site as I get time, adding content and some lovely new yarns from the spinning wheels of our local artisans.  I've been busy myself, spinning a lot of odds and ends that have been crowding the stash shelves.  Barnabas likes the occasional empty space.  Only the sweater drawer in my bureau makes better sleeping space for a big black cat!

Now that warmer weather is beginning it's going to be hard to keep myself inside with the spinning wheel.  I may have to set it up outside by the grape vines, in the shade of the tall spruce trees that my grandmother planted long ago.  I'm planning to put a vegetable garden nearby.  Of course even a vegetable garden needs flowers: marigold, nasturtium, sunflowers.  After my early morning walk with friend Kym and the dogs it will be pleasant to work in the garden, while the dew is still heavy on the grass!  I can't wait for fresh lettuce and home-grown tomatoes.  I refuse to eat supermarket plastic tomatoes during the winter!

Another big project I've decided to take on is a new weekly newsletter for the shop.  Only one page but I'm planning to talk about local fibers, events in Meadows of Dan, put in an occasional pattern created by me or one of our local producers, slip in a discount or two here and there and just try to create newsy, friendly columns about what things are like at Greenberry House.  Sign up in the lavender box if you're interested!

I don't often talk about all the meetings, classes and boards I belong to and have to attend every month.  But recently I started attending a series of classes offered by The Virginia Electronic Commerce  Technology Center (VECTEC).  I've learned a tremendous amount from the instructors and have been trying to apply what I've learned to the web sites, etc.  hence the weekly newsletter...I was planning a monthly but they convinced me that weekly was the way to go.  If you're in Virginia, in business, especially small business, and have the opportunity to take these classes, I strongly urge you to go for it!

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