Saturday, February 21, 2009

This was a surprise...

Snowy Day in February
Early Morning Snow

We didn't expect this little snow last week, although the icy conditions a day or two later were forecast.  I'm back to hauling water to the rabbits's cold outside!  It's getting warmer during the day, though, than it did in January.  Makes for less work!  

Alix's Prayer Shawl
Mom's Prayer Shawl

The days lately are filled with spinning Border Leicester roving for a special order project.  Even during the slow times, though, it's amazing how much there is to do.  I've been shearing rabbits when it is warm enough, trying to get caught up after the deep freeze of January.  Walking dogs, spinning and knitting, with an occasional meeting for this group or that, make up most of my days.  

This morning the air was crisp and still when I went out early, just after dawn, while one bright star still shone low in the sky.  I could hear crows waking up in the trees near the Parkway, and there was an echo as a dog barked on a faraway ridge.  I felt the need for the stillness this morning, despite the cold I walked for a time with TJ, relaxed, not worrying about how he behaved.  We saw the star fade as the day began in sunshine. 

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