Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can We Say "Spring" Yet?

Pussywillows peeping out
Pussywillow Catkins

Probably not, but the weather has been lovely for the last few days.  Only a hint of ice in a couple of rabbit water bottles this morning!  Lily was positively frisky on her walk around the farm.  I think she smells spring, although I don't think it's quite here yet.  I saw a robin, foolish bird, but the red-winged black birds are nowhere in sight and the pussywillow pushes the season a bit.

Fleece from Border Springs Farm
Fresh Texel Fleece

Last weekend I received an invitation to go to Border Springs Farm, here in Patrick County, for sheep shearing day.  Linda and I headed out early for the lovely drive down the mountain from Meadows of Dan.  The trees are still bare but the sun was shining and it was wonderful to look out across the mountains as we traveled.  The farm is at the back of beautiful Patrick Springs, Virginia, and it's a lovely location with beautiful mountain views.

Craig and Joan Rogers were delightful hosts and Linda and I plunged into the work of skirting fleece with joy.  I forgot my camera, of course, but there are some wonderful pictures on the farm site that look to have been taken later in the day.  And some great videos of sheep shearing in action!  It was fantastic to watch the dogs at work.  The farm is planning a "Lamb Day" sometime this space for more information when I receive it.

The fleece were very nice!  I haven't worked with Texel before so I can't say what the resulting yarns and roving will be like, but the wool that Linda and I brought home looks lovely.  It's nice and soft, very clean and of good length.  At the moment I'm looking for a Virginia fiber processor for these fleeces.  I'd like to have a totally "Virginia" product with these fleeces...good selling point!   We had a lovely time at Border Springs, even though we both wore out and left around noon.  I understand that lots of wool was sold that day but the farm still has some left.  According to articles on the Internet, Texel is good for felting.  These fleeces look like they will be good to spin, too.  So contact Craig if you're interested in trying this interesting wool!

TJ on a mission
TJ: Ready for a mission

Every morning I take TJ for a long walk.  He's behaving so much better...walks nicely by my side and seems to enjoy every minute.  He does better when we're alone, although we enjoy the walks with Kym and Bently more.  Most of our walks with Kym are very early, before daylight for most of the year.  So on weekends we get to sleep in....until 7 AM!

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