Saturday, January 17, 2009

What have we been doing in January?

Snuggling 'cause it's cold!

Bitter, bitter temperatures in these old mountains lately. Meadows of Dan has seen one below zero two days in a row...not exactly normal for us. It has been quite a chore keeping rabbits well-watered and eating...I have to leave again for another round of watering in just a few minutes! This takes up a lot of time I'd rather be blogging, I assure you!

A good thing about winter
Winter Sunset

Still, there are some good things about winter. The skies are wonderful. I love the brilliance of the stars on that last walk out with the dogs at night. There's time to spin; I've gotten a few skeins done for the coming year and have several more planned. Lots of wool around the house for spinning and some gorgeous dyed silk and angora. There's also time to crochet and knit and a few projects are slowly getting closer to finished object status.

Brave Barnabas
So what, dog?

Barnabas is ruling the roost around here, although he still pays appropriate deference to Lily's wishes about the bed. He parades into the living room with tail in the air and the dogs are on "stay" until he settles down. TJ has been getting some intense training since December. He still has quite a good way to go but he's pretty reliable on sit and stay. OK, most of the time.....

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