Friday, January 23, 2009

Dog Days

Time to go out!
Time to go OUT!

Winter is my favorite time...with long days spent in the house with the spinning wheel, crochet hook and an occasional knitting project. During these days there's always a quiet spaniel at my feet or on a rug or couch nearby. And most of the time even the crazy Labrador is curled up sleeping the cold days away, after his long morning walk in the cold, cold world. When I sit with a book a big black cat crawls into my lap, even if the sleeping spaniel is still nearby.

Winter days take on a calmer feel. It seems like the days will stretch on forever, even though at the back of my mind I know that soon I'll be as busy as ever. And I'm busy now, with hauling water to rabbits, shearing when it's warm enough, keeping the spinning wheel bobbins filling so I'll have something to sell in the spring.... But with winter's chill I feel calmer about it all...I know that somehow it will all get done. And if it doesn't I don't mind.

Hand Dyed Yarns
Easter Egg Dyed Yarn

Every morning TJ and I get out for a walk...oh, so early! If it is warm enough. This week we've been walking alone. Bentley is at puppy camp and Kym is vacationing. It will be good to see them back next week. Then I take Lily for a shorter walk. She's gotten a bit stiff in the joints and doesn't seem able to take the cold or the distance of our morning jaunts. Then I take George out for Dad...he's not my dog but he's been staying inside because of the cold. If I'm not the one to take him out I AM the one to clean up the messes!

TJ is learning manners at last, so at least once a day we do some obedience work. He's very reliable on sit, if nothing happens to distract him! We've also done a lot of work on how to walk on the leash. I haven't fallen into any more holes (running into a tree in the dark was my fault, not TJ's).

The dogs are a big part of my life. Lily, especially, is the dog that is always with me, except when I'm at work. And sometimes when I'm just checking emails and fooling with the computer she's here with me as well. TJ likes to keep Lily and me in range, although he seems content with less attention. Lily is his boss, after all.

There are three dogs that have been visiting the farm lately. And another big red hunting dog that runs through once in awhile. He's skittish, and also purposeful as he heads up and down the road. He has a plan. The other three dogs are more leisurely. Two of them, collie types, are very friendly and will stop in to visit if I'm outside or at the shop. The third is a spaniel and won't come to me.

I don't know who these dogs belong to. They seem to be well-fed and have the required shots and licenses. They are nice, friendly dogs, but they are dogs. Yesterday I had to rescue my very old and almost deaf cat from them. I dont' think they really meant any harm. The cat wouldn't agree with me, though.

I keep my dogs home and close to me mostly because I enjoy their company. They seem to like being with me ok, too. I'm not quite sure I understand why someone would let these nice dogs just roam the roads. Good thing I already have all the dogs I can manage!

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