Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry and Happy Christmas!

Christmas Kitty
Christmas Kitty

Barnabas represents the crew to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year! Well, he's a cat...photogenic but only interested in what a new year might bring to him! Fewer dogs...yes, that would be good, he says (not happening, dude).

Back to the spinning wheel

Things have slowed way down at the shop this past month so I'm going on short hours this week. From now on until April I'll be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Give me a call, though, if you plan to be in Meadows of Dan during the week. I can be at the shop at your command!

Besides trying to get the house put back together after a busy summer, I spend most of the winter spinning new yarns for the shop. It has been a long time since I've done any spinning, seems like, and I've really enjoyed getting a few new skeins out on the shelves. This black and white single is one I'm not totally sure what I'll do with yet; perhaps I'll ply it with a soft black wool single I have here, or ply it back on itself. Either way it will be lovely, I think!

Tank Girl

Back in November of 2007 I started knitting this project, then put it aside as other things caught my attention. When I was cleaning up the livingroom I found the basket this was tucked into, so I cleaned off the wads of dog and cat hair and started knitting again. Got the back side done with one major mistake but maybe no one will notice....

Looking forward to the arrival of friend Chris this evening, after her long trip from Connecticut. It has been a quiet Christmas so it will be fun to have her for the weekend. Got together with friends Kym, Trinity and Josh last night...they gave me a beautiful and comfy purple suit to walk in and stay oh-so-cozy!

This morning I wore the comfy suit, but wasn't so happy when TJ somehow managed to slip off the brand-new-and-very-expensive training leash I just bought for him. I'm not sure yet what went wrong but one minute he was on the leash and the next he was cruising up the road without me. Fortunately it was very early and the traffic hadn't gotten started. I went back and got my car and drove around in a panic up around Meadows of dog. Cruised the churchyard and cemetery, where he was heading when I last saw dog. Came back toward home to wake up the clan for a major search...and he was standing right where he left me. Guess he was wondering where I went!

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