Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Week Went...ZIP!

Tuesday Night Dinner

Tuesday Night Dinner

Clouds are gathering here today; I thought they said it would be sunny! We had some terrific storms this week and lots of rain to make the corn maze grow. I've been busy getting flyers and advertising ready for the Meadows of Dan Folk Fair, which is next weekend. Yikes!

Tuesday Night Dinner was here at the shop and our theme was Eat Local. Everyone didn a great job; Kym made wonderful veggie things from fresh from her dad's garden, Trinity made beef turnovers and an awesome berry cobbler from fresh picked blackberries and blueberries. My little contribution was fresh eggs and potato salad, both from right down the road.

Janie's plant
Janie's hibiscus

I'm babysitting. Poor Janie is missing some gorgeous blooms!

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