Sunday, August 31, 2008

After the Computer's Little Vacation...

Tammy and the Boys
Tammy and the boys

On the only day that I had time to blog this past week the power blinked off while I was starting the computer and the thing decided it didn't want to work for awhile. By the time I got it going again I had to be elsewhere! So even though Tammy and her "kids" visited last weekend, this is the first change I've gotten to show off their lovely faces!

New Shop in Meadows of Dan!
Art on the Spur Gallery

And of course, since I had ten extra minutes one day, I decided to help with a new art gallery in Meadows of Dan. Featuring local artists, including several from Bull Mountain Arts Guild in Stuart, Virginia, this is a new venture for Meadows of Dan. The potter that was gracious enough to venture to sell his lovely work here was featured in a store here several years ago. otherwise everyone is new to the mountain and we're glad to welcome them! I've got to get a web site set up with some biographies of the artists soon!

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