Thursday, July 03, 2008

Woosh! That was June going by!

New neighbor
My new neighbors

And July is starting out just as busy! It's lovely to just stop a moment and watch the clouds drifting easily across the sky. The hummingbirds have been visiting the hosta blooms by the window, and a noisy sparrow just hopped across the ledge fussing. There's a swallows' nest on top of a post on the porch. I've been watching their progress. Mom and Dad Swallow are both busy feeding the little ones now after an anxious watch and wait. Apparently all the activity around here doesn't bother them.

Spindles and More

When I went to Sedalia I didn't have much time to look around but I saw some customers carrying around these beautiful spindles. I made a dash out and picked up a card, and Darcy is graciously allowing me to sell these lovely pieces in the shop. Each is signed and numbered and would be such a pleasure to spin with. Darcy also has a sense of humor; I love "Blaze Orange" for spinning during hunting season! Can you guess which one is called "Teach Me to Spin"?

Visiting the 19th Century
Fayetteville, West Virginia, Demonstration

I spent last weekend in Fayetteville, West Virginia, dodging raindrops and spinning some lovely Jacob wool I bought from Perfect Spot Farm. The New River Gorge Heritage Festival was very nice; new, maybe, because it was small but it should grow. The location was lovely. I was set up next to a Civil War encampment on a quiet town street. Two of the residents were kind enough to offer shelter if the storms became too frightening. I made it through two nights in my tent, though, sleeping on straw and tossing ants and some sort of friendly black bug out into the night. It was charming to sit spinning as twilight fell and the lightning bugs rose out of the lawns all around me.

Completed Shawl
Completed Some Sock Yarn Shawl

Since it rained a good bit last weekend, I finished this crocheted shawl. More details on my Ravelry page, but it's a simple pattern of double crochets and increases to make a triangle shape. I went over to Blacksburg yesterday to pick up bunny feed and stopped in at Mosaic. I'd been dreaming about that Noro sock yarn....

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