Sunday, June 08, 2008

Quick Note

Last night I walked out late, to check on a computer upload at Sue's shop. Lily went along with me to enjoy the cool breezes of the evening. A few lightning bugs drifted across the fields in lazy archs, just above the waving grass. In the little field beside the Parkway it seemed very dark; clouds piled heavy above the tree line. I looked up at the lightning bugs, signaling as they have done for centuries, against the deep shadows of the trees.

Beautiful yarns from new spinner Jane!
New Greenberry House Yarns

As you can see from the pictures, I have a lot to do today!

Lovely yarns from Claudia and Ann
More new yarns!

Claudia and Ann came by on Thursday, and left this lovely selection of beautiful yarns. I love their stuff; the yarns are as individual as the spinners! I also have two of Claudia's special knitting bags. Hoping to get everything on the web site as quickly as possible. The yarn will be on the shelves today.

Then yesterday a local farmer brought me some fleeces. He's a shearer and had several different varieties. I bought the Jacob he brought; love spinning that and it sells well as yarn, and took some other fleeces on consignment. I'll have to do some investigating on the uses of the fleece he brought; one of them is from a hair sheep. I know nothing about them, but a quick search on the Internet indicated it might be used to make rug yarn. I thought I'd wash a bit and spin up a sample to see.

And while I was waiting out a stormy afternoon while sitting and knitting with my neighbor while she quilted, a big box came in the mail that was full of yarn from another North Carolina Jane. She included some kits so I'm looking forward to diving into this box!

Ripples in the Corn Field
Ripples in the Corn Field

The Summer 2008 Spin-Off came into the shop this week and I read it cover to cover. Some really good articles but I was really taken with the Handspun Gallery this time. Some lovely scarves in the Morning Surf pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. Since I'm such a beginning knitter, it's surprising that this captured my fancy, but it's really quite easy, despite the multiple yarn overs. I've been having fun knitting it in odd moments. I needed to make a sample for the shop in Crystal Palace Yarns Maizy, anyway, so I'm using the Indian Corn colorway. The yarn is nice, not as soft as the Panda Cotton but it looks nice in this pattern so far.

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