Friday, June 20, 2008


Lily's new 'do
Lily resting from a lazy day

This morning I went out with Lily a little early on our walk to meet friend Kym. Lily was all nose to the ground and I dawdled along with her while she checked out fascinating scents along Concord Road. Mourning doves called across the dark trees and a light breeze brought a scent of earth from the corn maze field. We walked quietly and I looked up at a burnished pale gold moon riding in a rose streaked silvery sky. As we reached the empty house of a fondly remembered neighbor couple, a small doe lifted her head in the yard. She stood, still, watchful, curious, against the peeling board fence while long grass whispered in the wind around us.

Now the sun is shining bright over a dozen brilliant and soft greens in the woods, fields and lawns around the shop. Hummingbirds visit the feeder and hosta blooms busily by the window and occasionally check out the yarn on the porch table in disappointment. High under the eaves a delicate barn swallow nests as her mate keeps a wary eye out from my yarn drying line.

Had a lovely dinner with friends last night, who were gracious enough to invite me again after I forgot to show up on Wednesday! I dashed over to Chateau Morrisette on the way, where the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce was hosting a "Business After Hours". As usual, Nora and Doss, and the other winery staff, were quite wonderful as hosts!

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