Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend

Mountain Meadow Farm and Craft Market
Getting ready for Hit 'n Miss in the Mountains

There was so much going on this weekend! Chris from Woolybuns arrived Thursday with five absolutely gorgeous German and German Cross Angora rabbits, plus my first French Angora. They are all beautiful and friendly and I'm looking forward to lots of lovely wool with beautiful color. I was getting low on white rabbits and it's going to be fun to do some dyeing! It didn't take long to get the rabbits settled into the newly refitted and cleaned cages. Now I'm busy trying to learn new names and personalities. Chris is so clever with names; I'll be posting pictures of these beautiful creatures soon, with some comments, on the web site.

Greenberry House Booth
Greenberry House Booth at Sedalia Fiber Festival

Chris and I stayed up 'til midnight talking, which was probably not a good idea for me, since I had to roll out at 5:30 for our morning walk. I made it, though, and then dear Chris spent most of Friday helping me pack her car absolutely full for the festival on Saturday. We left a tiny smidgin of room to tuck Sally in, and were ready to relax and talk when Jane came in to stay over for the festival in Meadows of Dan. Chris and Jane are both witty and quick-minded, so I got to hang around, laugh and knit!

Saturday was another early morning, with us heading out before five down the mountain toward Big Island. To our dismay it was raining when we went out, a totally unexpected development. We ventured on, through fog at Lover's Leap and drizzle across Patrick and Franklin County, and soon saw the sun rising over the mountains. By the time we reached Sedalia the sun was out and shining bright on our endeavor.

The festival was delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new people and visiting with old fiber friends. Sally and Chris spent time looking at fleeces and visiting some of the vendors before we got extremely busy with customers. They were both amazing and saved my life in the booth! Chris is great at selling!

I didn't get any pictures but there was some awesome fiber and yarn available, from mostly Virginia and North Carolina farms, as near as I could tell. We got to look at some beautiful lambs and rabbits; I resisted temptation, though, in spite of the fact that my yard looks like it might support a flock much of the time!

Sandy and Cher were there representing Mosaic and it was lovely to see them, in mad dashes while one or the other of us weren't busy! I saw some interesting yarns in their booth that I didn't have time to investigate; I'll be poking around in the shop soon! Cher did me a huge favor at the end of the day, many thanks!

And I now have some lovely needle books, bags and needle rolls from Lawre's Laine! I've been admiring her beautiful bags since I saw them at my first Spunster's gathering and have been begging to have them in the shop since. Lawre brought some beautiful items to the festival and now I have some of them here at the shop. The bags and rolls are wonderful accessories and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they do here!

Movie Night at Chateau Morrisette
Movie Night at Chateau Morrisette

Sally and Chris, troopers to the end, helped me pack up and we crammed the festival back in the car, with a few additions Chris will no doubt be talking about soon. We had a pleasant trip home, dropping Sally off on the way and looking at her lovely garden for a few minutes. Then the packed little car made it back up the mountain, we caught our breath and then headed over to Chateau Morrisette for "Cinema on the Lawn." It was a great evening with good food, good friends and a hilariously funny old movie, Some Like it Hot. Very daring for the time, I think!

Sunday was a little less hectic for me, back in the shop putting things from the festival away. There was a lot of traffic, though, and I had a fun day with customers while Jane and Chris worked at the Hit and Miss Festival. Chris graciously agreed to demonstrate spinning and even sheared one of my rabbits!

Today has continued to be busy, with lots of people around in town for the festival. Chris headed back this morning, early, and I hope she has a safe trip! Jane stayed over for the last day of the festival here and I think is going home this evening. The house will be quiet (and peaceful)!

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