Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spinning in Public

Old English Southdown Lambs (and baby goat)
Old English Southdown lambs and little goat

A last minute invitation this week resulted in my heading down to Stuart on Friday to demonstrate spinning at the Farm Services sponsored "Ag Day" in DeHart Park. Lovely weather for it (I got a little sunburned again, despite hat and long sleeves). Children and animals, it was a perfect combination and seemed very well put-together. I did some spinning and talking and enjoyed watching the kids with the friendly little goats and lambs. Mom was kind enough to watch the shop for the morning for me, so I could go.

My really good camera has dead batteries, so I dug out the old Sony yesterday. I know there's a pack of really good double A batteries somewhere in my house, so I'm too stubborn to go buy some. Until I find them, no nice pictures of spring on the farm, I'm afraid!

Still updating the web site. So much stuff here, y'all. Better go buy it!

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