Friday, May 02, 2008

Shop Sample

Leaves Sweater by Annette Petavy
Leaves Sweater, pattern by Annette Petavy

Here's some of my winter's work, all wrapped up around my new shop dress form. It took awhile to do this one; I think there's about 1, 999.99 yarns of fine yarn in this sweater. The pattern is available in the book, Crochet Me, by Kim Werker, and published by Interweave Press. Said book is for sale at Greenberry House, of course!

New Neighbors - Dan River Books
New Neighbors next door: Dan River Books

There are some new kids on my street, which isn't really a street, of course, just a little country road that ends up in our little community of Meadows of Dan. I'm excited to have another bookstore in town. I still haven't had a chance to really check out their stock but when I was in for a few minutes yesterday I saw knitting books! And gardening books, and cookbooks, and children's books and more than I could see in just a quick glance. It's a beautiful day and should be a nice weekend; come up and visit us on the Parkway!

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