Sunday, May 04, 2008

Frolics in the Spring

Greenberry House Set up at Spring Frolic, Reynolds Homestead, Critz, VA Or at least, I tried to set up. About ten minutes later the pop-up and all the stock went flying, due to fierce gusts of wind. Small children were darting around at my feet retreiving yarn and fiber while I struggled to take the pop-up down. Poor Sue, who went with me, never did get her gourds displayed. We finally just piled everything up under a tree and went walking around the site. Spring Frolic is a nice little festival; the weather can be problematic, though. Last year it rained!

We went down to Christopher's for dinner last night and I played around with the camera a little bit. The video needs music to be effective; please supply your own.

There's a new version of the Greenberry House web site on-line; check it out. And buy stuff!

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