Saturday, May 31, 2008

And the days spin on by..

Sally's Farm - Hooked Rug
Sally's Farm

It's amazing how fast the time is flying; here June is already upon us, with more shows, festivals and gatherings to look forward to. I had a nice day yesterday when Sally, who went to Sedalia with us this past weekend, stopped by for a visit. She brought some interesting mystery fiber she was gifted and this wonderful hooked rug she recently completed. This is all her own hand spun, hand dyed and natural colored, and a charming original design. I especially love the tree and the sheep, and how inviting the house looks with the bright windows in the evening light!

New yarns at Greenberry House!
New Yarns at Greenberry House

I'm very excited to have another new spinner here at the shop! Rae Jean is from Blacksburg and her yarns are beautiful! She spins beautifully and her offerings here range from a very delicate laceweight to some lovely soft worsteds. Fibers range from wool to mohair to camel. There's a beautiful set of skeins in dark grays that would be perfect for a sweater!

It's supposed to rain in Meadows of Dan today but so far the sun is shining! A few people are wandering through the community so it looks like a great day. As far as I can hear, the festival last week was a great success, and so was the movie at Chateau Morrisette.

My car broke last night. Not sure what is wrong with it but I'm disappointed as it's going to knock me out of a gathering with friends this week. I've gotten spoiled! I didn't miss not having a car when I didn't have one but it infuriates me to have one that won't work!

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