Sunday, April 06, 2008

Where Have I Been, You Ask....

Snug by mom while she knits

or maybe not, as the case may be. But I've really been doing more than sitting around in torn stockings knitting the never-ending Trekking sock. Seems like every time I turn around, there's a meeting to be attended, a web page to be updated, a friend to enjoy time with or a fantastic meal to be eaten. From the picture it looks like I should be doing a good bit less of the last!

Elegant Grilled Chicken Salad
Elegant Grilled Chicken Salad

But speaking of wonderful meals, yesterday was top of the line as I went off to Chateau Morrisette for a lovely day with the Virginia Fiber Folk from Ravelry. "Stitching with the dogs" was a smashing success despite a foggy, drearly day. Ten knitters and two crocheters (me and Mary!) made it to the lovely restaurant at the winery for a lively day of visiting, eating, knitting and just enjoying pleasant surroundings with congenial folk!

Stitching with the Dogs

Liz did a wonderful job of putting everything together, and decided to bring door prizes so everyone had something great to take along home (she was nice enough to include me in this as well; it was fun to give away a crochet hook to Mary and a fancy knitting counter to Kimberly. She also had a commemorative T-shirt made up for us that I'll treasure along with the memories. There was a lot of knitting done along with the chatting and eating, so I think we all felt that we accomplished a great deal. The minute most of the ladies sat down they whipped out their needles and hooks.

After lunch and a leisurely time knitting, most of the group headed over to the winery for a tour and some wine tasting. I went back to the shop to handle a few things and talk with one of my vendors before the knitters came down, but we had another nice visit while they were here. It was a full and lovely day. I know Liz blogged about the event and I'm sure I'll find some other accounts of stitching at the winery.

It's mine!  No, it's mine!

Lately I sort of feel like the towel that Lily and TJ are playing with, pulled in a lot of different directions! But things are settling down now, I think. The shop is open for regular hours now, from 10 AM to 6 PM on Thursday thru Monday. I've been working a lot on other web sites this winter, but will probably concentrate on my own for the shop and getting some vendor products on-line. I just put up a big shipment of knitting needles, circulars, bamboo and metal (the wretched people backordered almost all of the lovely Rosewood) and vendors are sending in some beautiful yarns that are going fast.

We have a new bookstore opening in Meadows of Dan next weekend; I'll try to sneak over and take some pictures when they unlock the doors. And sister-in-law Sue opened up her shop this week. She's going to be very busy with the shop while Sammy and the Lonesome River Band are off touring in Japan!

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