Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How the Weekend Went....

Workshop success!
Worskhop at Atlantic Breeze Alpacas

The weekend went by fast, as usual, and here is another month flown by and gone. Chilly walk this morning, though, but the early morning light is more like spring than ever.

Gorgeous salad
Lovely Lunch!

The first of the Atlantic Breeze workshop weekends was a great success, with workshop participants learning needlefelting techniques from Jane Plaugher. I wrangled an invitation for lunch and had a wonderful time getting to know some new people and visiting with friends. Sandra's lovely meal just topped off a terrific day for everyone, despite a sudden storm across Buffalo Mountain!

Me and Mani
Me and Mani

I spent most of the weekend on the computer; I'm revamping the shop web site yet again. It has been a challenge setting up a shopping cart, but thanks to help from Jeremy at Those Geeks things have gone pretty smoothly. Jeremy jumped in and pointed out solutions to problems I didn't even know how to begin to fix. "Buying Local", even in computer services, is the way to go! I'm not ready to go live with the new Greenberry House web site but I'm hoping to get it finished this week.

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